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Angel Conradie

I love your twin's new blog home - I am still playing "catch up" there!
Its certainly an eye-opener to step back from tech for a while. Mine "tech" has become very much work focused - my own work and my volunteer work. It sort of makes it a little less fun...
I am so excited for you that everything is moving along smoothly so far! I have another blog friend in the USA who is also going through the adoption process after years of fertility issues and on January 5 their little girl was born! It will still be months before everything is finalised of course, but seeing her updates and photos is just magical!


How have I missed Twin's blog till now? Yay!!! Now I have something else to stalk during my late nights in front of the computer doing that thing called work, which really means sitting there watching the clock till I can crawl into bed. I have missed your ramblings BFF, I tried to make some up in my head but alas it just isn't the same. I think you need to fly over here so we can have a whole day to sit in jammies and just gab about whatever, oh have I said I missed you? lol I can't wait to hear about all the new info you get from the group and the new friendships you will make. So exciting for you!

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