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All I can say is ::::HUGS::::. Lots of them and big ones.


I'm so sorry. I can relate to this post on a number of levels...and not relate on others. I'm totally with you that an adoption shouldn't cost half a mortgage (never heard it put like that - seriously ouch!).

It is tough to be in that phase...and a loss though adoption was tougher to me than a lost pregnancy. Because with the pregnancy, the baby was gone. But with a failed adoption/placement, the baby (child) is still there...just not with you. And while where they ended up may be better for them (maybe not) it is hard to know they are out there somewhere else, with someone else...when you thought they would be with you.

I think you need to hop a MAC flight down here and come heal the hurt with some pizza, wine, mozzarella, and gelato.

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